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oh Andy. gotta love your character.



Favorite Parks & Rec Characters: Jean Ralphio Saperstein

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he’s my FAVE



- Transparent Princesses match your blog background! -

if you find that they look cool on your blog you should send me screencaps so I can see too 



friendly reminder that red’s gyrados is adorable

My Forged Wedding Fic Ideas

-Pouty finding out Kunihiko and Yamato’s mother had a thing some time before she died. 

-MC picking no guy but living with Takao and seducing him

-MC and Yamato break up (temporarily, don’t cry!) after the last confrontation with Asumi

Will I ever write these? I have no idea… 

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Don’t mind me, just taking things out of context…

From The Newlywed Trip sidestory

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And now I’m going to get charged for some stupid magazines I didn’t want. ARGHHHHHHH THAT WAS THE LAST OF MY MONEY FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

This week has not been good.

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